Katriga – a tripod with a backrest – is a characteristic sample of “vernacular” design in Dalmatia, Croatia. The expressive, functional and minimalistic construction of the chair has been determined by the lack of materials and tools available. The foundation of Katriga is a tripod, used as an extra chair in the household. Less commonly found chairs with uniquely decorated and individually designed backrests were made over a longer period of time and served in honor of the author, the head of the household. They were usually placed beside the fire.

The newly designed Katriga seeks to enrich contemporary restaurants, public and private spaces and re-evaluate and reinvigorate the distinctive character of its traditional version. In the context of serial production, wooden tripods are unified. Backrests are made of metal tubes and are available in a number of iterations of colors and shapes, thus serving different purposes.

Katriga was a part of Cratian Holiday ’12  project.